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Our Vision

Comfort for Every Body

Our Mission

To become a global pioneer in the industry

Our Core Value

To ensure complete customer satisfaction by creating top-notch products through sustained innovation and stringent quality control practices

Lux, a company with over 50 years of experience in hosiery manufacturing, has a huge pan-India presence, from Kedarnath to Kanyakumari. With 5 lakh retail outlets across India, Lux is available everywhere. Lux products are also in great demand in the international market, and garments are exported to various countries across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Lux also has the largest in-house production capacity in the Indian hosiery industry.

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Our Products

Lux is well-known for manufacturing innerwear of uncompromising quality and comfort, which have been recognized for their top quality by the highest standards bodies. With consistent customer satisfaction over many years, Lux has witnessed a massive growth of over 100 times in just 20 years! After making its mark firmly in the hosiery sphere, Lux is now moving into the outerwear, premium-wear and women-wear segments, with a key focus on today’s youth.

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